Celebrating Working Dogs this Labor Day by Cherie Mallory

August 17, 2021

As Labor Day approaches, we look forward to a day where we can celebrate the efforts that we put towards our careers and providing for our families. Did you know that there are dogs out there that do the same? Let’s get into some of the most amazing working dogs out there.

Service Dogs

These amazing dogs are specially trained to aid those with disabilities. For a dog to be considered a service dog it must meet The Americans with Disabilities guidelines. These dogs can go anywhere and behave well in any type of situation. Some examples of these types of dogs are:

  • Dogs that listen for people who have hearing impairments.
  • Seizure and medical assistance dogs
  • Dogs that help with mobility
  • And seeing eye dogs for people who have lost their vision.

Therapy Dogs

I can’t imagine a better way to receive therapy than from a dog. These dogs are trained and certified to be a part of a patient’s medical treatment. They even visit hospitals and offer emotional support to those who are ill. They are also brought to schools and daycare centers as a way of educating children regarding dogs. Not all dogs are cut out for being therapy dogs. They must have the right temperament, socialization, and training. They also can’t be fearful.

Police Dogs

These amazing dogs are called K’9’s and are specially trained to assist police officers. They do everything from protecting their handlers to chasing down people who decide to run. Some of them are trained to sniff out illegal substances and are called detection dogs. The most common breeds you will see assisting police officers is the German Shephard, and the Belgian Malinois.

Military Dogs

Very similar to how they help the police, these dogs assist members of the military. They can be anything from detectors and trackers to sentries and scouts. They are also a crucial part of military search and rescue teams.

Detection Dogs

These dogs have an excellent sense of smell and are highly motivated by positive reinforcement. These dogs can sniff out just about anything that is brought to their attention. From drugs, to blood, and human remains. They can even be used to hunt for truffles, which are delicious! The breeds most associated with this amazing sense of smell are beagles, Labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers.

Search-and-Rescue Dogs

These dogs are agile and have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. They are highly trained and work in a variety of fields including tracking, specialized search, avalanche rescue, locating cadavers. The breeds often associated with this type of work is Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, border collies, Leonbergers, and German shepherds.

Herding Dogs

If you have ever visited a farm with many animals, you have likely seen a herding dog. These dogs have herding instincts naturally built in, even though not all breeds are good at it. Some require more training than others, and some end up just being companions. The herding dogs’ job is to make sure the livestock stay together and make it to the location they are supposed to. Breeds associated with this job are king shepherds, border collies, black mouth curs, and Icelandic sheep dogs.

As we enjoy a day off from laboring, remember those super special pups out there that are working as well.