Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies – by Cherie Mallory

May 27, 2021

Seasonal allergies are a major problem for many people. The runny nose, itchy eyes, ear infections are miserable symptoms. Some people even break out in hives.  To help with this, we take medication daily so that the symptoms do not get out of hand to the point where it affects our lives.  Did you know your dog can go through the same thing?  Not only can they be allergic to different chemicals in your home such as cleaning products, oil diffusers, perfume, and plants….they too can have seasonal allergies from fleas, trees, mold spores, etc.

Their symptoms are often very similar to their human companions. Their immune system goes into high gear and they start to get colds, itch, and their skin gets irritated. Some signs to look out for is:

  • Is your dog sneezing a lot?
  • Do their eyes seem irritated?
  • Are they licking an area of skin that seems swollen and irritated?
  • Do they have diarrhea and are vomiting?

These are all signs that your dog might have seasonal allergies. If not treated properly, it could easily go from allergies to an infection.  So, what are some things you can do to help keep their allergies at bay and prevent a serious infection?


  1. Change up your walking routine.

There are certain times of day that humans will avoid being outside due to the high pollen count.  The same can be done for dogs.  Pollen is at its highest levels early in the morning and later in the afternoon.  If you do have to go out at these times, steer clear of large fields and maybe opt for an indoor play facility.  Upon returning from your walk, you will want to wipe your dogs’ paws down and remove any outdoor pollen or other allergy causing agents.  A dog’s paws are one of the most sensitive areas on their body so make sure that you are being gentle with them and consider rubbing them down with a salve once or twice a week.  Of course, you could always put little boots on them, and there are a ton of cute options out there. They might walk funny at first but will get used to them quickly.


  1. Clean home, happy pup

Some of the same things we do in our homes to help prevent allergies are the same things you need to do for your dog.

  • Change air filters regularly.
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air, which keeps mold from taking root in your home.
  • Keep your dog out of damp environments like basements or garages.
  • Vacuum, Swiffer, and dust often, to keep dust and pollen to a minimum in your household.


  1. Your dog’s diet

Something that you can do if you see your dogs’ allergies are flaring up is to use different supplements to help sooth their skin. Omega 3 Fish Oil is an excellent choice.  Coconut oil is another great option. Both are known to suppress allergic reactions and sooth the skin.

At the end of the day all you want is a happy healthy pup. I hope you find these tips useful.