Dog Proof Your Balcony – Written by Cherie Mallory

May 14, 2021


High rises are popping up all over big cities and are a trendy place to live close to people’s jobs and many different venues. Living in a high rise does not mean that you cannot enjoy the company of your favorite pup. Many of these high rises have balconies, and even though not safe at first, there are lots you can do to make sure your best friend has an enjoyable place to lounge and even use the restroom if necessary.

Get rid of poisonous plants

Many dog owners do not even realize that certain plants can be very hazardous for their pets to ingest. On top of that, you must be careful with hanging baskets and planters that a breeze can quickly push over. Some plants that are toxic for dogs are rhododendrons, hydrangeas, clematis, and English ivy.

Store chemicals safely

So now you have beautiful and safe greenery for your balcony. What about the sprays and additives you use to take care of them? These must be stored away in a safe place so that your dog does not ingest these as well. You might think that your dog would not bother with them, but dogs tend to be naturally curious, especially when bored. You could also invest in some non-toxic products or store them in a storage container out of the way.

Bathroom time

If your dog loves to go out on the balcony, you can guarantee that you might have an accident out there occasionally. Even the best pooches make this mistake. To prepare for this, you can take your dog for a walk before letting them loose on the balcony. This helps them get out any extra energy and gives them time to relieve themselves, saving you time from cleaning it up. Something else you could do is put down a pee pad or fake grass for your dog to use the restroom on if they absolutely must. Just think if the weather is bad, you can pull this out and place it on your balcony for your pet to use, keeping you both safe, happy, and dry.

Safety Rails

A lot of apartment railings are easy for a dog to squeeze through and fall. I have even seen a Great Dane or two get their head stuck. By putting up some Plexi-panels, or mosquito netting, or chicken wire, you can prevent your pet from having a very unfortunate accident. Something to also keep in mind if you have small dogs is birds of prey that can whisk your cute little friend away at any minute. An excellent way to avoid this is to keep your dog on a tether while they are outside. That way, if grabbed, they won’t be able to get away with them.

Doggy comforts

Of course, when your dog is outside, you want him/her to be comfortable. Consider making a little spot for them to lounge. Place a waterproof bed, a bowl of water, and a few outdoor toys, and they will be happy little campers. Something else to consider in the colder months is a heated mat. This will keep your puppy nice and comfortable.

Now that you have doggy-proofed your balcony get out there and enjoy it with them!