Fantasy Friday Dog Daycare Saga By Shelby Solcher – Final Episode

April 19, 2023


Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the castle walls been turned into peanut butter, the fire-breathing dragon attempt to protect the Princess, the defenders were sent to a paradise, zombies melted in the lake, and tator tots were used as payment to warlocks, and that is where we left off!

Oh goodness, Alfred, Twilight and Stetson paid the mighty Warlocks, and were transported back to the castle 🏰, but the spell went slightly awry, and they ended up outside the locked castle moat! Whatever shall they do!?!? Twilight scopes out the castle, and discovers that the troops have breached the door to the tower, and hope is lost that they can prevent the invasion…

Meanwhile inside the castle, Prince Sam has concocted a battering ram out of bubble wands, and forced the door open! They look up the tower, and see 15 floors of stairs…dread sets in for a moment before Commander Murphy rallies the troop with a motivating speech! “The battle has been hard, the (peanut butter) temptations high, but the invasion is not over yet! It might seem like a long way to climb, but if we do this right, our kingdom will have a new beautiful Princess! We cannot fail our brave Prince now! Let us be a part of history!” With the invigorated troops, Sam marches proudly up all 15 flights of stairs, only to realize there was an elevator all along! Never the less, he sets his sights on the most beautiful female in all the land!

Princess Annie P turns around, with a flick of the tail, and sets eyes on the majestic Prince for the first time….they sniff the air, and know… this is the way to save both of the kingdoms. They lock eyes, swish their tails, and fall madly in love. Princess Annie thanks Sam for her royal rescue, and asks how they shall reach his Kindgom… Sam stutters for a moment, and summons Mr. Abe, knowing that he is the only one to trust for the safe transport of his lovely Princess. But she has other ideas…She whistles loud and high, summoning the Mighty Dragon, Twilight. Sam and Annie jump into the basket seat, and fly away to their happily ever after!

Commander Murphy looks at his troops in disbelief… “they are just going to … leave us here?!?!?” Alfred, Babaloo, Stetson burst into the room, and prepare to defend, only to realize the Princess is gone…they sigh in disappointment. Alfred suggest a teleportation spell, to which everyone yells “NO!” Fairy Godmother Ava insists on being the person for the job, and quickly returns everyone back home to their kindgom!

Thank you for joining us on this epic adventure with the dogs! We have enjoyed sharing this story, and bringing some new excitement to the report cards! After hearing how much you have enjoyed this, we will be starting another story very soon…TREASURE HUNT TUESDAYS!