A Poem About Jackson’s Place

July 15, 2018

Welcome back to Jackson’s Place, we’re open every day
We’re the home away from home where your puppies come to play
We greet you in the morning with a “hello!” and a smile
And, with a kiss goodbye, they leave to go play for a while

The day starts with a trip outside where they can poop or pee
Sometimes they’ll run a lap or two, and sometimes even three
When they’re done with business then the party can begin
We escort them inside so they can hang out with their friends

The big dogs stay downstairs where there’s lots of room to roam
With blankets, beds, and tv it feels an awful lot like home
The little dogs all go upstairs where they can nap and play
With lots of fluffy blankets so they’re cozy for their stay

We feed all of our boarding dogs their breakfast, one by one
They eat it in the kitchen and we watch them til they’re done
Once everyone has eaten and the sun begins to shine
The dogs go out to play so they can frolic and unwind

They chase each other round and round, and splash inside the pool
Jackson’s Place is the place where you’re supposed to be a fool!
While some dogs play, the other ones prefer to lounge about
They’ll catch a ray of sun and let their bellys all hang out

The big dogs and the little dogs each take their turns in the sun
But whether they are in or out, they’re always having fun
As the day goes on, they all begin to drop like flies
They lay down for a nap and snuggle while they rest their eyes

As the day draws towards its close, they go on with their meals
Dinner for our boarders and a few will get their pills
Our daycare dogs get picked up one by one as the day ends
It’s always such a joy to reunite you with your furry friends

Their tails will wag, they’ll run and jump, and bark in pure elation
Even though they had such fun, going home’s a celebration
By the time our day draws to a close, our dog packs start to thin
But the place is never empty, so our sleepover begins

At least one person spends the night with all our boarding pups
We take them out and tuck them in and give them bedtime hugs
There’s still no cages overnight, they snuggle in their beds,
And for a lucky few they’ll snuggle up with us instead

But no matter who is sleeping where, we’re always standing by
To give them hugs and kisses if any of them start to cry
While Jackson’s Place is so much fun, and there’s lots of room to roam
We know that, even with your friends, there’s just no place like home

But soon the sun is up, and another day begins
And any day at Jackson’s Place is a day spent with your friends!