Conventional Dog Boarding

Does your dog love other dogs? Then why do conventional boarding when they can come to Jackson’s Place for Cage-Free Boarding!

Cage - Free Boarding

We take dog boarding to a whole other level with our cage free slumber party’s.

Boarding is provided in our state of the art Midtown facility.  The midtown facility is completely climate controlled for your dogs comfort.  No more worries about 100 degree heat, thunderstorms, cold or hurricanes.  We have a complete indoor dog park with play areas and grass potty areas for when the weather is bad and they can’t go outside.  On days that are beautiful we also have a fun outside play area with K9-Grass and play equipment.

Come and take a look, your dog will be living their best life!  We will shower your dog with love and all the comforts of a regular home, including plenty of recreation in our indoor and outdoor play areas.

After a hard-day’s play with the buddies, your dog will enjoy dinner and then cuddle up in front of the TV for a restful evening – just like home! Your pups will never sleep in crates, but get to curl up with their doggie friends on beds provided by Jackson’s Place.

To make sure we provide the safest, homiest environment for your dog, all new boarding dogs must pass an evaluation to be able to attend cage free boarding.  Please read below for boarding requirements for big and small dogs.

How is Jackson’s Place Different from other daycare & boarding facilities?

First we need to identify what is cage free daycare & boarding.  Cage Free Daycare/Boarding is a group of dogs socializing off leash, under the supervision of a handler.  It is a privilege for well behaved, socially appropriate dogs.   For Jackson’s Place it is an environment for social dogs to gather, learn and play.

What is even more important is what isn’t cage free daycare & boarding.  Cage Free Daycare/Boarding isn’t an environment for unsocialized or aggressive dogs to learn appropriate social skills.  Cage Free Daycare/Boarding is also not a place for friendly dogs that cannot pick up on social cues from other dogs, have impulse control issues, over stimulation, resource guarding or that have food aggression.  (We are a positive reinforcement Cage Free Daycare/Boarding facility and treat for appropriate behavior)

So, how is Jackson’s Place different?  We have changed from an all-day free play with the handlers that just monitor the group play to an educational daycare/boarding with free play, but we have added the additional educational component that works on boundaries, impulse control activities, neutral zone activities, group sit stays, recall skills, group down and group place.  Not only will your dog get its physical stimulation needs met, but it will also get its mental stimulation needs met which creates a well rounded-pup.

Please read our requirements in order to board:

Small Dogs:  Must complete an evaluation day in order to board with us.  Evaluations are done Monday – Friday.

Big Dogs:  Must complete an evaluation day +2 extra daycare days.  All big dogs must attend daycare on a regular basis (at least every 2x per month at a minimum).  We do not allow occasional boarding or last minute boarding for new customers.  Evaluations are only done Monday – Thursday.


Dogs must arrive by 12 Noon for boarding drop-off


Weekly Dogs With Daycare Packages

$40.00 overnight fee per dog + daycare package day

Dogs Without Daycare Packages

Overnight fee of $40 + Daycare day of $52 = $92.00 per day

  • Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our services prices at any time without further notice.
  • Boarding fees are due at drop off.
  • Any pet that we find fleas on with immediately be given a flea bath at the owners expense.
  • All dogs over 8 months must be spayed or neutered

Holiday Boarding: An extra $10 per day on the days listed below will be added to your boarding per pet.

  • Easter – April 6th – 10th
  • Memorial Day – May 25nd – May 30th
  • Independence Day – July 2th – 5th
  • Labor Day – Aug 31st – Sept 5th
  • Thanksgiving – Nov 20th – Nov 27th
  • Christmas & New Years – Dec 21st – Jan 3rd

Dogs that have reserved boarding (non-holiday) must give 24 hours cancellation notice or they will be charged for the boarding session.
Holiday reservations must be paid in advance at the time your invoice is emailed to you. Cancellations must be made at least 1 week before the holiday reservation.

All Dogs must arrive by NOON on the day they are dropped off for boarding.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Pick-ups available from 8 am to 7 p.m.
Check-out is Noon or an additional day charge will be added.
If you forget your dog’s food, you will be charged $5.00 per day for us to feed your dog our food that we have in stock.